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Buyer Analysis

Our goal is to find the optimal buyer for you and your company. Because of this, we take the time to create buyer lists that are well researched. We look for strategic, financial, family offices, off-shore entities, and synergistic buyers that are the best fit for your business and will offer the optimal deal for you.  We use very aggressive principal targeted marketing campaigns. We take the time to get to know you, your financial goals/needs, and your company to find the buyers that make the most sense.


Buyer Negotiations

Closing a transaction requires detailed negotiations over the details that ultimately affect you, the seller. Our deal team is not only are familiar with all the hurdles that can arise during negotiations, there are years of experience in identifying red flag issues that help to overcome them.


Deal Structure Guidance

Every client we work with is unique and has business goals that require the structuring of their deals to match their needs. Our advisors are diligent to first learn and understand the needs of our clients and their businesses. We then work to negotiate the optimal deal for each; transactions that provide not only the valuation required, but deal structures that protect the client (and their business) over the longer term.


Due Diligence Readiness

A typical due diligence checklist consists of many detailed questions covering every aspect of your business from sales and marketing to HR, IT, operations, and accounting. This is where most deals can fall apart, especially if the documentation is not accurate, and readily available, to provide buyers. Prior to entering this critical phase, our team works to get the client and his/her team ready for the types of questions that will often arise.

The last three to four months of a transaction, which is when due diligence occurs, can be the most grueling for a business owner. This is where you need an M&A firm skilled in getting clients across the finish line, despite the hurdles that often arise during due diligence.


Exit Planning Guidance

Exiting a company via an acquisition/merger event is a huge undertaking for most business owners. Far too many put off planning to sell their business because the task can be very emotionally draining and daunting. Our professionals have decades of collective experience working with business owners through this often stressful process. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the exit plans pursued and deals structured are optimal for them.


Full Documentation Preparation

The level of documentation required to close a transaction is daunting. We not only prepare the assistance of an evaluation of your company (and the Roadmap for Enhancing Value you can use to grow your business) we also create all sales documentation. This includes the Offering Memorandum, Confidential Business Profile and Non-Disclosure Agreement that we have all potential buyers sign before providing any detailed information on your business.

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