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How To Keep Leverage During A Business Sale

When selling your business the current energy of a successful operation should be "emphasized" from the beginning to the end of negotiations. Another words, the buyer must realize, from you, that you are more than happy to continue running your business until you get the best price possible.  This creates an energy of confidence that buyers appreciate and like to see in acquiring any business.  Avoid giving the feeling that your company must sell or your world will come to an end. You emphasize a successful operation by keeping the energy high, using optimistic language and focusing on a growing opportunity moving forward. This is important psychological leverage during negotiations and one of the main reasons why you should hire a business broker to represent you during an acquisition. It's very difficult to maintain this level of psychological focus during any business acquisition, especially while trying to run a business.  But, thankfully, we are here to help at Lanclos Business Brokers, LLC  



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