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Lanclos Realty, LLC & LSU Get A Nice Deal Done

Lanclos Realty, LLC helps LSU Health Sciences of New Orleans close on a track of land in Mid-City.  When C Lanclos of Lanclos Realty, LLC was given the task of selling an old building/track of land in the heart of the medical development he knew exactly who to call.  With the dialing of ten digits the domino effect of negotiations, inspections and closing reschedules began with one of the biggest real estate players in Louisiana.  Even though other commercial real estate agents balked at the price he was offering for sale, he negotiated terms that made his clients and LSU very very happy.  A feat very seldom hear of in today's very competitive real estate market in New Orleans.  If you have a real estate project call Lanclos Realty, LLC @ 985-869-6050 or visit LanclosRealty.com 



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