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“Pride of Ownership” when buying a home

What do some buyers look at when they walk into a house when buying a home?  Some look at the basics like counter tops, flooring and paint.  Others look at the condition, age and location of the home.  And, still some really good buyers look a little deeper into the property’s pride of ownership status.  From my experience, I have come across some good indicators of what the owners were doing or, better yet, not doing while living in a home.  By no means is this a comprehensive list of issues to look for when buying a home.  But, here are three simple things that can help you get an understanding as to the condition of the property.  First, the instant you walk into a home, the smell should hit you from left field.  Pay close attention to your nose and you can pick out certain odors that may shine light on issues of the home.  For me, mold, animals and smoke are all quickly identifiable the moment that door is opened.  But, you will be surprised how many sellers will swear they do not smell a thing. Hmmm.  Second, look up at the AC vents on the ceilings.  Often, this simple clue to AC maintenance gets overlooked.  If dust is collecting on the vents themselves, to me, indicates that the AC filters have not been changed as recommended, if ever.  This usually means that the AC unit itself is in need of serious attention and may need replacement.  Finally, pay attention to cracks along windows, doors and floors.  Sometimes it is easy to spot these settling cracks but many times you need to look closer to the outside of the home.  Obviously, these exterior cracks are much harder to hide and cover-up with sheetrock and paint.  With these simple ownership indicators, hopefully, you will be more knowledgeable when buying your next home.  If you need someone to assist you in the process of buying or selling real estate, please give Lanclos Realty, LLC a call.   


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