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Maya The Magician-A Lesson In Overcoming Fear

What incredible weather to be at a fair this weekend.  St Peter's Fair was great all around. And, to top it all off, our little girl broke ground on a career that can literally go anywhere she wants it to go.  What makes this moment so special was due to Maya being so nervous she was literally shaking during her first practice. But, she stood tall, practiced and did not let her fear overcome her.  I personally did not learn that lesson about fear until I was in my teens.  It is amazing what a seven year old can overcome if given some support,  encouragement and opportunity.   Never let the opportunity to offer support and encouragement to someone when trying something that scares them.  You will never know what will come of it.  If real estate is scaring you for whatever reason, please give Lanclos Realty, LLC a call and let us help  you solve your real estate fears. LanclosRealty.com or call 985 869 6050.  

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