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The Art Of Pricing Real Estate

 Have you ever heard of a real estate agent listing real estate based upon the sole advice of the owners and what they think the house is worth?  Yep.  And it's not really a good idea whatsoever.  Because every homeowner I have worked with believes their home is a castle.  Yes, to an extent, it is.  Just because there are years of memories and love that went into a home does not make it any more valuable than what the market will bring.  Oftentimes agents put whatever sales price on the listing just to get the listing.  This does nothing more than create serious problems further down the line for their clients.  Any real estate agent who offers to sell your real estate should show up at your first meeting with comps in hand and ready to prove their numbers.  Now whether the owners will listen to the agents is completely another blog altogether.  However, a kind of art exists when pricing real estate that takes various avenues of input to determine correctly.  If you are looking to sell or buy real estate, please give Lanclos Realty, LLC a call.      

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