Lanclos Realty, LLC is a full-service real estate agency focused on providing sell-side and buy-side advisory services. We represent residential, commercial and vacant land clients.  With almost 20 years of real estate experience as builders, sellers and brokerage owners, we are capable of representing clients from single individual homeowners to large commercial developers in the State of Louisiana.

What We Offer

Our Real Estate Clients

Being that C Lanclos has been involved in the real estate industry as a builder, investor and now brokerage owner since 2,000, he has been part of many negotiations and deal flow transactions that is very much appreciated by his clients.

Residential Transactions

When it comes to selling and buying your dream home there are many issues that must be considered for any client.  C was a licensed residential builder and was involved in many home design, construction and remodeling projects. He offers his clients a unique approach to their residential transactions based upon many years of hands-on experience.   When C evaluates a home for a client, he is relying on a lot of experience to best negotiate a deal. 

Vacant Land Development

Vacant land sales and purchases has many wetland, environmental and zoning issues that must be considered.  C has worked with some of Louisiana's largest developers in evaluating and proposing property for large scale development.  He understands the many issues that are involved with acquiring land for any type of development.

Commercial Transactions

Commercial clients call upon Lanclos Realty, LLC to help acquire hard to find locations in the State of Louisiana.  From clients like TopVelocity to LSU Sciences, some of these difficult to negotiate properties have made Lanclos Realty, LLC a unique brokerage for commercial clients.   


Direct Communication

What makes Lanclos Realty, LLC a unique brokerage is based upon the practice that all clients having direct and immediate access to the principal, C Lanclos.  There are no secretaries or transaction coordinators to speak to any clients.  When a client calls C's number they get C and no one else.  More importantly, they have access to him seven days a week.    


Full Start To Closing Finish

Another great feature that makes Lanclos Realty, LLC a joy to work with is that we will assist our clients from idea concept all the way to the closing and beyond.  Our belief is that our clients can call upon us years after the closing and we will assist them with any and all issues, no exceptions.  Whether it's maintenance, valuation or tax issues we take enormous pride in making sure we are the one source for our client's  home issues.

Real Estate Negotiations

Probably one of the main reasons why clients continue to return to Lanclos Realty, LLC is due to the negotiation abilities of C Lanclos.  C prides himself on positioning his client's projects to help them get the most out of their dollars.  Whether they are purchasing or selling, C identifies the top priorities for his clients and negotiates accordingly. It's not always about money and C identities that before offering his services.  This makes the transition process so much easier on his clients.

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