Improving Your Business 

Before & During A Sale

As a business owner looking to sell, you need to aggressively run the company that drives sales growth and, more importantly, profitability.  Acquisition players will offer a higher price for your company if they are convinced that the growth pattern continues into the future.

Work on Increasing Revenue  

  • Increase sales of existing products or services to existing customers

  • Sell existing products or services to new customers in new markets

  • Create new products to sell to existing customers (and new customers)

  • Omit lines of products or services that are losing money

  • Expand productive selling locations

  • Increase sales force if appropriate

  • Add new locations

  • Acquisitions that fit and do not increase risk materially


Improve Cost of Sales or Cost of Goods Sold

  • Work on improving pricing on purchases

  • Enhance the product creation processes

  • Work or invest to increase productivity of the label

  • Invest appropriately to increase manufacturing or distribution efficiencies

  • Consolidate facilities

  • Reorganize management

  • Fix any deferred maintenance or investment issues


Improve Operating Expenses (Absolutely or Relatively)

  • Lower personnel costs if possible, or

  • Lower personnel costs per unit/product/service

  • Work to reduce occupancy costs

  • Eliminate known redundant expenses

  • Develop and implement new ideas for selling and marketing

  • Reorganize management

  • Increase productive use of the internet and social media

  • Enhance technology to improve efficiencies

  • Work on systems to better organize efforts

  • Make solid investments in research and development


Other Ideas to Consider

  • Work on diversifying customer base to reduce risk

  • Diversify products/services to reduce risk

  • Diversify suppliers to reduce risk

  • Work on obvious “window-dressing” to enhance the appearance of facilities for employees, visitors, and prospective buyers

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