Red Flags 

To A Business Sale 

Like everything in life, taking the proven path increases your chances for success. As we help prepare your business for sale, we help you understand, prepare and overcome the typical obstacles faced during a business acquisition.


Available Capital

“Cash is always King” and without a solid 12-week cash flow forecast, you may have trouble bringing buyers to the table. The cash issue alerts a buyer that not all is running good under the hood.

Being Owner Dependent

Can your business run without you physically being there? Is your business dependent on one or two key customers/vendors? If not, a buyer will wonder about the drop in business once you depart from operations.

Missing Accounting

If you are unable to produce reliable financial statements and management reports, likely due to inaccurate or incomplete accounting records, this could signal to investors an inability to make effective decisions that will have a negative impact on operations moving forward.

Undocumented Operations

Most buyers are interested in scaling your business and taking it to the next level. In our experience, these buyers are wary to purchase a business without documented policies, procedures, workflows, and step-by-step processes. This may alert to a buyer that there may be somethings being hidden on purpose.

Time Kills All Deals

When it comes to selling, selling anything, timing is everything. Why? Because deal gaps will kill the momentum to get you the highest price for your business. We reach out to as many possible buyers to create competition among acquirers. That competition element can drive price, terms and structure upwards which creates an urgency at the agreed upon terms. More importantly, when buyers request information during any part of the acquisition we are able to supply them with information immediately. This dual strategy of pushing in multiple directions and quickly supplying pertinent information significantly increases the odds of getting the deal closed. During the development of your marketing campaign, Lanclos Business Brokers develops a timeline to market your company as quickly as possible, maximizing the value and success rate.

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