Welcome to The Lanclos Brand, a diverse group of companies representing select clients with business acquisitions and real estate transactions.  C and Serpil Lanclos are the owners of Lanclos Business Brokers, LLC & Lanclos Realty, LLC. Because of their 100% hands-on personal approach to client representation some of Louisiana's largest organizations have called upon The Lanclos Brand for assistance.

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Lanclos Business Brokers, LLC is an exclusive M&A agency focused on providing sell-side and buy-side advisory services to privately held companies. We have assisted with negotiations in a broad range of industries. Lanclos Business Brokers, LLC has an approach to selling small to medium size businesses that is a "targeted" principal approach with a high level of confidentiality.    



Lanclos Realty, LLC is a full-service real estate agency focused on providing sell-side and buy-side advisory services. We represent residential, commercial and vacant land clients.  With almost 20 years of real estate experience as builders, sellers and brokerage owners, we are capable of representing clients from single individual homeowners to large commercial developers in the State of Louisiana.

Recent News

C Lanclos closes sale on a Northern Louisiana billboard business. After a year-long struggle by the owner to sell his own company, but with no returned phone calls, they hired The Lanclos Brand. They were brought in for assistance because of their very aggressive marketing campaigns. Surprising to the owner, The Lanclos Brand was able to execute a contract within five days and a complete acquisition within seven days.

Billboard Sale

LSU Health Sciences Center reaches out to C Lanclos to help secure commercial land acquisitions in the Mid-City Area.  These acquisitions are part of LSU’s multi-million dollar student housing development in New Orleans.  They needed the assistance of a representative who could facilitate land deals for them, which had become almost impossible. Construction should begin within the coming year.

Land Acquisitions

C Lanclos closed sale on a horse farm in Covington, LA.  While ST Tammany Parish is known for beautiful equestrian farms but selling one that is outdated was no easy feat. In addition, agents suggested that the owners would be lucky to get $300,000.00 for their farm.  Even with the dated condition and low suggested price point, C Lanclos was able to execute a contract for over $400,000.00, with no maintenance allowance.

Equestrian Sale

With only a 40-day timeframe to sell a veterinary clinic, the owners called upon C Lanclos for emergency assistance. The owners previously hired a real estate agency and a business broker to sell their business but, for two and a half years, they could not find any buyers.  However, within a 7-day period after being contracted The Lanclos Brand was able locate and secure an offer just shy of the incredible asking price.   

Veterinary Sale

C Lanclos closes sale on a shutter business in Southeast Louisiana. Once contacted by the owners, The Lanclos Brand was able to locate a buyer literally with one phone call. After evaluating their portfolio of buyers, The Lanclos Brand was able to execute a contract within 30-days. And an acquisition was executed within a 2-month period. C believed there was growth potential of the company. There is a 20% increase in revenue within one year.

Remodeling Sale

The international training facility located in Covington needed a larger facility to expand. They had agents looking for over a year but to no avail. Then the owner, Brent Perciau,  ask C Lanclos for assistance. Within months, they were able to locate, secure and execute a contract of an off market property that was exactly what TopVelocity needed. In addition, C has assisted TopVe. with additional expansions.


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